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Engineering Masters Advanced GD&T

Excerpt from A Universal Instruments Corporation Employee Publication

August 1994

Over a year ago Universal Engineering implemented the ANSI 14.5M-1982 standards. At that time all Engineering personnel went through a 32-hour training course that covered the basis of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). The GD&T standard was developed as an international language to communicate between designer and manufacturer. It defines how a part should be made to achieve its required ANSI standards and convert them to symbols. The manufacturers must be able to read, interpret and apply them to processes that will result in fabrication of parts to high quality and in a cost effective manner.

However, as is the common case with any standards. 95% of the standard is straight forward but the remaining 5% is open to interpretation depending on the application. During the implementation period, the Engineering Department faced numerous problems with applying GD&T. This indicated the need of further, more advanced training focused on Universal applications.

The scope of the course, to address the most challenging Universal requirements, was defined with Professor Donald Day of Tec-Ease. The course began the end of May. During the 24-hour course a number of newly designed Universal assemblies and subassemblies were evaluated. The virtual and resultant conditions were calculated to perform stackup analysis of true position tolerance vectors analysis and statistical tolerancing were applied to analyze fits of the parts within analysis.

The course proved to be very beneficial to all of the participants. It improved Engineering's proficiency in analyzing designs and applying GD&T standards. The completion of the course and knowledge gained from it will be essential to the success of concurrent engineering.

It cannot go without saying that much of the success of the course was due to the excellent instructor, Donald Day. His in-depth knowledge of the GD&T standards, the perfection in preparing, and the way he conducted the sessions made the course a memorable learning experience. One of the participants put it best when he said, "What a difference one Day can make!!"