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Design For Assembly (DFA) Training

16 Hours

The design of a part is the first step in its manufacture and it is then that the cost of manufacturing is committed. To remain competitive as a world class manufacturer, the design of a product must incorporate assembly methods, materials, tooling and the capabilities of the site(s) of manufacture at the conceptual phase.

DFA is a tool for evaluating product designs to improve quality, cost and delivery at the earliest phase of design. It will primarily drive to reduce part count within and around the assembly and/or combine parts. DFA stresses the use of simple designs, modular assemblies, multi-functional parts, self-locating features, parts standardization and elimination of adjustments.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Quality of design
  • Design for simplicity
  • Cost reduction techniques
  • Symmetry (alpha/beta)
  • Rules
  • Using the Design for Assembly charts
  • Hands on workshop

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