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Engineering Resources

ENSYS Engineering Training - Ensys, established in 1990 is a leading engineering training provider of Engineering EIT/PE Licensure Training Programs, Continuing Engineering Professional Education and Engineering Licensure Renewal Courses.

Laser Design & GKS Inspection Services

Laser Design & GKS Inspection Services are the leaders in 3D Laser Scanning. We accurately Inspect or Reverse Engineer everything from complex parts to entire buildings. Most projects finished in 2-3 days with guaranteed results!

Laser Design & GKS Inspection Services

InspectionEasy - This system overlays quality check points over actual customer drawings, allowing data collection in a central database. This simple to use system quickly creates inspection plans, captures first article or in-process production data, and provides "on the fly" statistics.

Laser Design & GKS Inspection Services

Verisurf - The field-proven software that is setting the global standard for measurement and inspection in aerospace, automotive, and other industries worldwide.


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