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Class on using GD&T for Plastic Parts

(3 days)

The dimensioning and tolerancing of molded plastic parts offers special challenges. The ASME Y14.5 and Y14.8 internationally recognized standards provide the solutions if you know where to look. This intense 3 day seminar will guide you through the current Standard to discover how best to make GD&T work for you on your plastic parts.

Numerous examples of fully dimensioned and toleranced plastic parts will be included.

Course Outline:

  • Establishing datums for parts with draft
  • Restraint notes
  • How to address:
    • Wall thickness, draft, ejector pins, flash, gates
  • Minimally dimensioned drawings
  • Tolerancing the CAD model
  • General notes

Additional Information:

  • Customizing is available
  • We prefer working with your prints when possible
  • Free phone, FAX or email consultation is available following the course
  • All courses are taught in accordance with the internationally recognized ASME standards unless requested otherwise

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