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Unlock Composite Tolerancing, Part III of III
(In accordance with the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard)

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In this Tip, I have added another segment to the composite position tolerance. It is a segment containing the 0.25 mm tolerance value.  This segment is referencing both datum feature A and datum feature B.  Keep in mind that datum feature referencing in the top segment of a composite tolerance is there to control the location of the tolerance zone.  Datum feature referencing in subsequent segments is there to refine the orientation of the tolerance zone.  The purpose of this segment is to refine the parallelism on the pattern of two holes with respect to the first and second planes of the datum reference framework.

To summarize, in this composite position tolerance the pattern of holes must be located within 0.4 mm, parallel to the second plane of the datum reference framework within 0.25 mm, parallel to the first datum plane of the datum reference framework within 0.1 mm and the holes must be coaxial to each other within 0 if they are made at their smallest size or maximum material condition.

Be sure to watch the animation of these tolerance zones in the video that accompanies this Tip.

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