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Use Profile of a Surface because it Is Easy to Measure
(In accordance with Y14.5M-1994 standard)

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This is the third Tip in a series intended to illustrate how simple measuring profile of a surface can be. The angled surface is a little more difficult to measure since it is on an angle other than 0° or 90°. Once again, though, it isn’t because profile is being used, it is because the surface is inclined. The inspector will have to do a little trig. The part is positioned and aligned on the sinebar relative to the datum features. It is helpful to place a gage pin on the sinebar a known distance from datum axis B.

Although it can be calculated, I usually use an inexpensive 2D CAD program to easily find the distance from the top of the dowel pin to the surface to be measured. If you prefer doing the trig, here is the math:

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