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Keep Your Runouts Straight
(In accordance with Y14.5M-1994 standard)

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Confusion continues to exist over the difference between circular runout (one arrow) and total runout (two arrows). To inspect the two runouts illustrated below, an inspector could set up the inspection as illustrated. While rotating the part on the pin, several slices along the part could be inspected.

The worst circular runout error occurs at the slice with the greatest variation. In this case two slices vary a total of 0.03.

Total runout is the difference between the highest and lowest readings found over the entire feature. The highest reading was +0.02 and the lowest reading was -0.09. Therefore, the total runout for the feature is 0.11, the difference between +0.02 and -0.09. In this case the part would pass both runout checks.

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