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Get Up to Speed with the ASME Y14.5-2009 Revision
(In accordance with the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard)

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By getting up to speed on the 2009 revision of Y14.5 you will learn of the changes which:
  • Add new concepts and symbols to clarify the meaning of the drawing
  • Clarify concepts found in the 1994 Standard
  • Extend principles found in the 1994 Standard
  • Resolve differences or discrepancies found in the current Standard
  • Incorporate concepts from other Y14 standards
  • Reference Y14.41, the standard that nables the tolerancing of 3-D models and reduced dimension drawings.

In addition to the 7 new symbols we now have a way to override datum precedence. There are new categories of features such as irregular features of size, continuous and complex features. There are new tolerance zone definitions and new ways to apply old symbols.

There is way too much to cover in a Tip. So, my tip to you is—contact Tec-Ease, Inc., to get updated to the new revision of the Y14.5 standard through our seminars, computer based training, on-line training and of course our books, pocket guide and wall chart.

We also offer the new revision of the Standard in an electronic form that keeps the text and graphics together and has extensive link and search capabilities. It is titled The Y14.5 Standard-Ease® 2009.

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