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Angularity Does Not Locate - Use Profile of a Surface
(In accordance with Y14.5M-1994 standard)

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A common error on drawings is to apply only angularity to features that are not perpendicular or parallel to the datum reference frame. The most important characteristic to control is location. Position locates features of size. Profile of a surface is the only geometric tolerance that locates surfaces. The orientation tolerances of perpendicularity, parallelism and angularity never locate features. The angled surfaces on this part, for instance, need to be located relative to the datum reference frame. If only angularity had been applied, the drawing would be incomplete. Profile of a surface locates the surfaces in addition to controlling the angularity. If the orientation of these surfaces needs to be better than the orientation provided by the profile of a surface tolerance, an angularity tolerance may be added as a refinement. Locate first - refine second.

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