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GD&T Tips from Tec-Ease, Inc.

GD&T Tips from Tec-Ease will help you to better use and understand the GD&T concepts. Use the links below to find the GD&T Tip for your current needs.

Most Recent GD&T Tip:
Use Position - 2009

Angularity View Tips

Use 2 Datum Features
Doesn’t Locate Surfaces Video!
Doesn’t Locate Features of Size Video!

Circularity (Roundness) View Tips

Circularity and Size

Concentricity View Tips

vs. Runout Video!
Use Position

Cylindricity View Tips

Never a Datum Reference
Individual Control
Use Rule #1
Does Not Locate Features

Datums View Tips

Datum Terms Video!
Translation Modifier Video!
Must Be Referenced Video!
Targets Video!
Repetitive Patterns
Mutually Perpendicular
Referencing Itself?
Datum Feature Control
Primary Datum Feature
Datum Features
Keep It Simple
With General Tolerance
Datum Feature Selection
Function Example
Slot as Primary
Application Video!
Two Holes
Horizontal Video!
On a Diagonal Video!
Datum Feature Types
Planar Video!
Width Video!
Sphere Video!
Cone Video!
Linear Extrusion Video!
Complex Video!
Hole and Slot Video!
Hole and Slot Simulation Video!
Datum Features
Must Be Referenced Video!
Axis vs. Center Line Video!
Datum Not on Part Video!
Datum Reference Frame
Oblique Angle
Displacement (Shift)
Shift Is Not a Bonus
Tolerances Do Not Change
Rotational Shift Video!
Geometry Effect Video!
Example Video!
Application Video!
Exact Constraint
Over Constraint
Rocking Datum Feature Video!
Orienting Datum Planes
Tertiary Datum Feature
Using a Slot Video!
Sufficient Size
Thin Feature
Short Hole Video!
Symbol Placement
Center Plane

Dimensions and Tolerances View Tips

Basic and +/- Don’t Mix Video!
+/- vs. Profile Example Video!
Dimensioning vs. Tolerancing Video!
Multiple In-Line Features Video!
Implied Video!
Slots Video!
Reduced Dimension Drawings
Schedule of Tolerances
Do Not Tolerance
Toleranced Dimensions
Don’t Mix Dimensioning
General Notes
Trailing Zeros
Half Dimensions Video!
Consider the Reader
Compound Angle Video!
Doesn’t Matter
Get Back to Datums
And Composite Video!
Basic Dimension Placement Doesn’t Matter Video!
Direct Tolerancing
Locating Radii
Be Clear
Origin Symbol
Still Have a Place
Old School
That Still Works
No GD&T Video!
Don’t Located With +/- Video!

Feature Control Frame View Tips

Tolerance Zone Shape Video!

Features of Size View Tips

Continuous Feature Video!
Interrupted Video!
Determining Video!
Locating Dimensions to Centers
Irregular Features of Size Video!
Determining Size and Center Video!
Irregular Features of Size
Locate with Profile
Locate with Position

Flatness View Tips

Inspecting at MMC Video!
Center Plane Control Video!
Unit Base
Never a Datum Reference

Hierarchy View Tips

Drawing Previews Video!
Selecting Controls Video!
Features of Size

Inspection View Tips

Simulating a Hard Gage
CMM Simulating Gage
Measurement versus Verification Video!

Notes View Tips


Parallelism View Tips

An Individual Tolerance Video!
Never Locate

Perpendicularity View Tips

Say What You Mean Video!
When to Use It Video!
Stabilizing the Zone Video!

Position View Tips

Extension of Principle Video!
Threads at MMC
Oblique Features
Locating Features of Size
Calculating Bonus - 1994
Bi-directional Control
Calculating Bonus - 2009 and 2018
Boundary Control
MMC and LMC Are Single Limits
Datum Feature References
Second Segment
Using a Note Video!
Several Examples Video!
Feature to Feature Control Video!
Composite l Video!
Composite ll Video!
Composite lll Video!
Composite l Gage Video!
Composite ll Gage Video!
Composite lll Gage Video!
Single Segment
Example ll
Example l
Cpk Calculation
Coaxial Example
From CMM Data

Profile View Tips

Placement Video!
At MMC Video!
Calculating Size Tolerance
Tolerance on Two Surfaces
Of a Line
Controlling Size Part l
Controlling Size Part ll
Unequal and Unilateral
Locating Surfaces
vs. Position Boundaries
Controlling Size and Form
Unit Basis Video!
Between Video!
Use Profile to Control Size and Form Video!
Cutter Ring
Irregular Feature
As a General Tolerance
Simplify Drawings
Profile can Control Location of Irregular Features Video!
On a Single Surface
Position can Control Location of Irregular Features Video!
And Flatness
And Parallelism
Work vs. Risk
Cutter Ring
Reporting l
Measure Normal
Parallel Surface
Oblique Surface
Simplified Inspection
Reporting ll Video!

Rules View Tips

What are the Rules? 1994, 2009, & 2018
Defaults Video!
Rule #1
Size Controlling Form
Is Not an Option
Break the Rule Video!
Simultaneous Requirements
Overriding the Rule
Creating a Pattern
Simplifying the Dimensions Video!
Application Video!

Runout View Tips

Keep Your Runouts Straight
Circular vs. Total
When in Doubt - Use Runout - 1994 and 2009
Only Locates Cylinders
Runout or Profile
When in Doubt - Use Runout - 2018

Standards View Tips

Molded Part Symbols Video!
Default Tolerances Video!
Difference in Revisions Video!
Y14.41 Video!
Other Standards Video!
2009 Symbols Video!
Are Voluntary Video!
Addendum Video!
2009 Revision Video!
Matter of Life or Death Video!

Straightness View Tips

Center Plane at MMC - Hard Gage Inspection
Consider Runout
Two Kinds of Straightness Tolerance - 1994
Center Plane at MMC - Indicator Inspection
Two Kinds of Straightness Tolerance - 2009 and 2018

Symmetry View Tips

Use Position - 1994
Use Position - 2009
Use Position - 2018

Tolerance Modifiers View Tips

Projected Tolerance - 1994 and 2009
Projected Tolerance - 2018
Free State
Restraint with Datum Targets Video!
Tangent Plane
No Form Control

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