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GD&T Training Options from Tec-Ease, Inc.

On-Site: This training is provided at your facility with an instructor.

Public Seminar: This training is provided in a public location with participants from several companies. This type of seminar offers the ability to have a live instructor while providing a more economically feasible choice for companies with less than 10 people to train.

CBT (Computer Based Training): This training is either loaded onto your computer or server or taken over the Internet. It allows people to access the course at any time. This type of training is perfect for participants who only have an hour or two a day to dedicate to training. It is also a wonderful tool for refreshing one or all topics. Are you worried with this type of training that your questions won't be answered? Don't... simply email us and we will answer them.

Webinar: This training is provided via the Internet with a live instructor. Watch the instructor’s PowerPoint, listen to the lecture and ask questions. Polling ability allows interaction for participants during the training. Webinars can be used for training a corporation or as a public seminar. When the training is done for a company, customization is available.

Benefit On-Site Public CBT Webinar
Live Instructor Yes Yes Yes
Interactive Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self-Paced Yes
Flexible Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Certificate of Completion Yes Yes Yes Yes
To Accordance with ASME Y14.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Course Materials Provided Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to Ask Questions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customization Yes Yes
Refresh your Knowledge Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Travel Cost Yes Yes
Pre- and Post-Tests available Yes Yes

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