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The GD&T Virtual Classroom / Webinar - GD&T Fundamentals - 2009 - Register Today


No seminars currently scheduled.

We do add additional classes if we have enough requests. If you would like a webinar on the Fundamentals of GD&T just email info@tec-ease.comand put Webinar in the subject line. No obligation, just letting us know that you are interested in a class.

Tec-Ease will be presenting live via the Internet and telephone using the Gotomeeting.com.

Equipment Requirements: A computer with a high-speed Internet connection and a phone preferably with a headset.

Who should attend:
All those who use GD&T to design, produce and inspect parts: mechanical engineers, designers, managers, production planners, inspectors, machinists, supplier quality personnel, etc.

The Need:
A concurrent engineering team equipped with the proper tools has the ability to shorten time to market, reduce engineering changes and create a robust quality design. Design decisions should be optimized for quality cost and delivery at the sketch phase when an engineering change costs a few cents rather than hundreds or thousands of dollars months later. The drawing is the common thread of the concurrent engineering team. This is the first in a series of seminars that presents understandable user friendly tools that may be used by your entire team to get it right the first time. By using these methods, design decisions are based on fact rather than emotion and past practices.

Course description: (22.5 Hours)
You'll discover the major pitfalls of traditional coordinate tolerancing - and how they may be overcome by using Geometric Tolerancing. Then, starting with your basic blueprint knowledge, you'll learn the symbols, terminology and rules of Geometric Tolerancing as prescribed in the current standard (ASME Y14.5-2009). The GD&T Hierarchy will be presented to explain the relationship between tolerances and how to most economically apply the concepts.

Classes are 4 1/2 hours long, for 5 days from 10:00am - 2:30pm EST. Price covers course materials shipped free within the lower 48 United States. Course materials include The GD&T Hierarchy Collection (textbook, workbook with solutions and a pocket guide).

Course Outline:

  • Why GD&T Hierarchy?
  • Introduction
    • Geometric Shapes
    • Geometric Characteristics
  • What is GD&T?
    • GD&T Symbols
    • Statistical Tolerancing
    • Actual Envelops
    • Feature of Size
    • Irregular Features of Size
    • Material Condition Modifiers
    • The Feature Control Frame
    • Boundaries
    • Rules
    • Continuous Feature
    • Principle of Independency
    • Virtual Condition
  • Datums
    • Datum Features
    • Datum Feature Simulators
    • Datum Reference Frame
    • Datum of Freedom
    • Datum of Precedence
    • Datum Feature Selection
  • Datums Feature Controls
    • Effect of Modifiers
    • Rotational Constraint
    • Datum Translation
  • Advanced Datums Concepts
    • Simultaneous Requirements
    • Restraint Clarified
    • Datum Targets
    • Customized Datum Reference Frame
    • Mathematically Defined Surface
    • Repetitive Patterns of Features
  • Form
    • Flatness
    • Straightness
    • Circularity
    • Cylindricity
  • Orientation
    • Perpendicularity
    • Parallelism
    • Angularity
    • One Orientation Symbol
    • Tangent Plane
  • Chapter 8 Profile
    • Between Symbol
    • All Around Symbol
    • General Profile Tolerances
    • Unequal Profile Tolerance
    • Composite Profile Tolerancing
    • Coplanarity
    • Non-Uniform Zone
  • Position and Symmetry
    • Position
    • Composite and Single-Segment
    • Inspecting Position
    • Symmetry
  • Coaxial Features
    • Position
    • Concentricity
    • FIM (Full Indicator Movement)
    • Runout
    • Profile Controlling Coaxiality

Each 4-hour session starts with 30 minutes for questions, followed by 3 hours of instruction and concludes with 30 minutes for questions.

How to Register:
You can register on-line at http://www.tec-ease.com/register.php or call 888-832-3273 or 716-785-6015. Registrations within the continental United States are required at least 3 business days in advance of the start of session 1. Registrations from outside the continental United States require a 10 business day minimum advanced registration from the start of session 1. Registrations outside of the continental United States also have an additional monetary charge associated with shipping course materials. (Webinar limited to 20 participants, so register today!)

Additional viewing options:
For 7 calendar days following the virtual training, registered participants may view a recording of these training sessions.