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GD&T Symbol - Total Runout

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Y14.5M-1994 [6.7], Y14.5-2009 [9.2], Y14.5-2018 [12.2]

GD&T Symbol - Total Runout

Total runout on a cylinder may control every characteristic (location, orientation and form) except size. Here the total runout tolerance controls the circularity and cylindricity tighter than the size tolerance would. It also controls the location and orientation to the datum axis.

The main difference between circular and total runout when applied to a cylindrical feature is that circular runout ignores changes in size along the feature’s length. Total runout limits changes in size where the total runout tolerance is smaller than the size tolerance. Where applied to a surface which is perpendicular to a datum axis, total runout controls perpendicularity, flatness and straightness but not location.

Total runout tolerance zones for cylindrical features are now defined as consisting of two coaxial cylinders separated by the tolerance values specified, and constrained in translation (coaxial) to the datum axis that all the surface elements.

GD&T Symbol - Total Runout