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Who should attend: This seminar is intended for those who have already taken a fundamentals course in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in accordance with the ASME Y14.5 standard. When representatives from design, quality, production and suppliers can attend, this course is most effective.

Course Description: (16 Hours)

Participants will learn how to apply GD&T to a variety of situations including your own parts. Sharpen your Geometric Tolerancing skills, fill in gaps, get your questions answered, make GD&T more useable, reduce product cost, improve datum selection and create robust designs. Learn how to use the GD&T Hierarchy. Advanced concepts on the application of profile and position as well as fixed and floating features will be discussed. Learn how to properly select datum features and allocate tolerances. Expand your knowledge of simultaneous requirements, composite tolerancing, profile tolerancing, robust design and boundary calculations.

Bring your drawings and questions to this intense training seminar.




  • Course Objectives
  • Drawing Previews
  • Boundaries
  • Tolerance applications based on process capability
  • Size
  • Form
  • Orientation
  • Location
  • Position vs. Profile of a Surface

    Fixed and Floating Fasteners

  • Floating Feature Designs
  • Adding Robustness
  • Calculations
  • Zero at MMC Applications
  • Fixed Feature Designs
  • Proected tolerance zones
  • Fixed feature applications
  • Composite Tolerancing

    Datum Applications

  • Datum feature selection guidelines
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Allocation of Tolerances

  • Simultaneous Requirements
  • Composite vs. Single Segment
  • The GD&T Hierarchy

    Sample Problems

    Student Supplied Applications

    Optional 3rd Day - Bring prints to class to discuss applying concepts to your parts

    Additional Information:

    Prerequisite: GD&T Fundamentals or equivalent.

    Free phone and email consultation is available following the course

    All courses are taught in accordance with the ASME/ANSI unless requested otherwise

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