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Management Overview of GD&T

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Course Description: (4 Hours)

This class shows the quality, cost and delivery benefits of making Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing an integral part of the Product Development/Delivery Process. GD&T is not new, but there is a newness about it. Recent developments in CAD and CMM technology, ISO standards and Statistical Process Control have brought GD&T once again to the forefront of manufacturing. Participants will see that GD&T is a common language that may be used to improve communication between design, quality, manufacturing, suppliers and customers. When used properly, GD&T will get the right questions asked early in the program, simplify the engineering drawing, and directly relate customer requirements to product specifications and process control. Through down-to-earth examples, humor and uncommon sense, an overview of this powerful tool will be presented.



  • GD&T Definition
  • GD&T's role in Concurrent Manufacturing
  • How GD&T fits current and future technology
  • Using GD&T to Relate Design, Manufacturing and Quality
  • Using GD&T to Define Cp and Cpk
  • Reduce Scrap
  • Reduce Rework
  • Reduce Engineering Changes
  • Reduce "Use as is" Decisions
  • Reduce Cycle time
  • Reduce Time to market
  • Robust Designs
  • The Role of GD&T in Six Sigma Design
  • Examples
  • Summary

  • Additional Information:

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    All courses are taught in accordance with the ASME/ANSI unless requested otherwise

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