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Don’t Forget the Other Y14 Standards (#258)

(In accordance with the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard)

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The Y14 suite of standards can support your designs from concept to delivery. It used to be that individual companies would maintain their own custom standards. Over the years most companies have learned that by adopting national standards they reduce their costs, improve compatibility and communications, are not occupied with reinventing the wheel and maintaining their own documents. By using National standards companies and suppliers all have access to the same rules and templates. Even the Department of Defense has dropped many MIL standards in favor of the ASME Y14 standards. For example, Y14.100 has replaced MIL standard 100. The Y14 standards have become the templates for much of today’s production, inspection and CAD software.

Most company templates are based on Y14.1, Decimal Inch Drawing Sheet Size and Format. Y14.2, Line Conventions and Lettering is a standard that virtually everyone uses. Here are some of the lines defined in the ASME Y14.2:

If you are making Castings, Forgings and Molded Parts drawings, you will want to follow Y14.8. Y14.41 shows you how to embed your tolerances in your solid models and create those reduced dimension drawings. Folks should remember that Y14.100 now defines a drawing as an engineering document or digital data file. For guidance on Gage and Fixture drawings see Y14.43. A new standard in the works that is long overdue is one that will standardize the reporting of inspection data.

For a complete list of Y14 standards go to and enter the search term "Y14".

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