GD&T Training and Reference Software

Training software trains and refreshes knowledge of those working with GD&T.
Reference software provides an fast and easy way to look up GD&T standards and symbols.

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Our Software packages allow you to train anywhere.

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No one looking over your shoulder.

Y14.5-1994 Standard-Ease®


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Quickly find the text and graphics that fit your application. No more flipping pages between paragraphs and referenced figures. Click on the figure referenced in the paragraph or the paragraph referenced in the figure and instantly the graphic and related text appear in separate viewing windows.

    Additional Features Include:

  • Hotlinks of technical terms, paragraphs and figures
  • Full search capability (find every occurrence of a term)
  • Split screen of graphics and text
  • Pop-up definitions
  • Smart look-up gives you a dynamic comprehensive index
  • Zoom in on any graphic for greater detail
  • Previous and Next arrows always available on both graphics and text


Standard-Ease - Electronic Format of the ASME Y14.5-1994 Standard

Standard-Ease - Electronic Format of the ASME Y14.5-1994 Standard

Y14.5-1994 Standard-Ease®