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Tolcap: Tolerance Capability Data for Product Design


Tolcap is an online software package that enables engineers to allocate process capable tolerances to ANY design characteristic. It manages tolerance allocation and predicts process capability at the early stages of design BEFORE production starts.

Using Tolcap, the impact of a design being out of tolerance can be assessed and a cost of quality can be assigned. This allows alternative designs and manufacturing process to be compared directly on a total cost basis.

Tolcap addresses one of the biggest problems facing 21st Century engineering - managing variability.


Tolerance Capability Data for Product Design

Reduce Production Costs, Improve Product Quality, Increase Product Profit!

Tolerance capability data for every product design requirement.
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Costs of re-work, scrap and returns can exceed 20% of sales revenue. Up to half of these costs are caused by incorrect allocation of tolerances. Tolcap alleviates these problems at the design stage, increasing profitability, sending massive savings straight to the bottom line.

Right First
Time Manufacturing

Tolcap will show you whether the tolerances you put on a drawing will be process capable BEFORE the production process begins. This right-first-time design tool prevents costly manufacturing and assembly problems.

Defect Reduction

Use of Tolcap
will reduce defects and
will improve product quality
by managing process variation to
six-sigma standards.

Supply Chain

You won't have to ask your supplier "Can you make this?". Instead you can provide a process capability prediction for the feature. Using Tolcap, you will solve problems on the same side of the table as your supplier.

Tolcap Delivers:

  • Better design decisions
  • Reduced design costs
  • Six-sigma process capable tolerances
  • Improved product quality
  • Answers to production headaches
  • Right first time manufacturing
  • Accelerated product launches
  • Less scrap, rework and warranty claims

Tolcap Includes:

  • Calculations for over 70 Manufacturing processes
  • FREE trials for business users
  • FREE to undergraduates
  • FREE to tutors for teaching
  • Low cost business licenses
  • No long term contract
  • No set up charges