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Good Morning Wendy and all my Tec-Ease Friends,

Please let Don know that I actually joined the ASME and have paid the fee to take the GD&T SP test. My application is filled out, and I'm thinking I can pass this thing.

Our third year of classes is going well here at AGCO-Jackson. It has taken a long time but I am actually seeing the changes in our Drawings, and how problems are being solved. Don is right when he says "it is all geometry." When the relationships between mating features are described and toleranced with GD&T, problems then can be addressed and actually fixed. I tend to sit in a lot of meetings now, as the GD&T guy, and when I heard a young engineer say, "I can do this, because I learned it in class!" , and I know he can because he did, it almost makes me cry.

I really want to thank you and your Dad for all the help, none of this would be possible without the Hierarchy, and that crazy little paper pyramid.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

- Kevin Kiehl, Quality Technician, AGCO

The team would like to personally thank you for going above and beyond more than just teaching us this difficult language. We all did very well, the first couple of questions throw us off a bit, the wording seemed different and yet the material on chapters 3-5 seemed easy. We are thinking about putting a monthly GD&T GE newsletter to help implement good GD&T practices here at GE.
- Jay L. Graham, Rotor COE, General Electric, Schenectady, NY

Just a couple of lines to express my thanks for a great product. Last semester I used your text and demonstration products to hold our first GD&T class. I had 18 students in the Engineering Design area who took the class. Every student rated the class as one of the best they had taken. As the instructor I enjoyed the fact that every student was totally involved in the subject matter. I used your power point along with the videos and I enjoyed one of the best classes in 25 years of teaching. GD&T is now a part of our degree and next semester we will be using your texts again. Congratulations to you and the team at TEC_EASE for making the subject of GD&T interesting and fun. I am looking forward to teaching the next class.
- Leon Kassler, Associate Professor of Design Engineering, York County Community College

"Thank you for all that you do. Your "Tips" are INVALUABLE -- I frequently refer to the archive for advice when I run across a sticky tolerancing puzzle."
- Barbara P.

"I've learned more in just a few hours with the Tec-Ease GD&T Hierarchy Coach than in 12 weeks taking a similar on-line program. I look forward to the time I get to spend viewing the presentations and taking the interactive quizzes. Here at FOX the Tec-Ease GD&T Hierarchy Coach is rated "best in class".
- Marvin D.

"I must say that I think you are the best GDT trainer/vendor of the many available. I have purchased your GDT charts, aids, and "The GDT Hierarchy" and found them to be clear and well illustrated."
- Michael W.

"Wendy & Don, Just wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU and your team at TEC-EASE. In my training class today, I was using the TEC-EASE 2009 Update Power Point Presentation and covering Envelopes. The animation slides showing the Unrelated and Related Mating envelopes turned on the "Light Bulb" for a couple of guys I have been trying to explain the concept to for quite some time now. The "Color" and "Animation" worked PERFECT. I really appreciate all the work Wendy did to work out the bugs in the presentation for me. Thanks again for all you and your team at TEC-EASE do to promote and educate the world in GD&T. Have a great day."
- Perry

"I absolutely love this course! (The GD&T Hierarchy Coach) I can go as slow as I want and go back and review slides if I need to. This is the way to go. I don't interrupt others learning, yet I get to fully understand before I move on."
- Gwen M.

"Things are going well with our project. In less than a year we will be shipping a clinically significant, quality changing product to China from a US manufacturer. Cost competitive with great clinical outcome. I love the approach. I appreciate your help on this project. We have had a lot of feedback from our supply base saying great use of datum's and design for manufacturability."
- Dave D.

"Wendy/Don, Great training, I developed a better understanding of GD&T and how it effects the entire manufacturing process. GD&T is a tool that (when used properly) will reduce scrap and rework while giving more tolerance zone to the process. It utilizes design intent and will minimize Time/Cost every time if handled at the design phase with input from customer, engineers, production and quality. I will recommend you all every time I get a chance."
- Ron J McDaniel

"What part of 'orientation' don't you understand?" Haha. I enjoyed that delivery. Thank you for these amazing uploads, Don. Your tips delve deeper into what the Y14.5 standard seems to gloss over at times. It's much appreciated. Keep up the great work."
- Subscriber to the Tec-Ease YouTube Channel

" It's going well, I got 100% on the chapter 1 quiz and I'm doing pretty well on the exercises. The key is to fully understand the question. Some of the material I will have to go over a couple of times before it will sink in. So far I like the structure of this training because I can do it at my pace and go over it as much as needed. "
- Kevin Wren

"I have purchased, and lost, a few of your GD&T Pocket Guides through the years. However, now I keep it locked in my toolbox so that it doesn't get "lost" in people's pockets anymore. I can't really blame them, it is The Best! "
- Jim

"I just took a GD&T Applications class with Frank Bakos, very good instructor, I am willing to say that he's the best instructor of GD&T; I have seen or heard in a long time. The two eight hour class felt like it was only 10 minutes, Frank was very well informed and also very professional. He kept the class on edge wanting to learn more and asking questions."
- David Presas

"Hello, I am so happy with my recent purchase of the GD&T Hierarchy and accompanying workbook. It is so clearly written and helpful. I am amazed at the detail and great full color examples. I am learning so much compared to previous attempts to learn the material from other sources. Thank you! "
- Kurt

"I must say thank you to your organization and Brett Lance' skills as an instructor. I have passed the GDTP-S milestone. It was a hard road but the bumps were made a little smoother by Bretts' expertise, patience and dedication to teaching the art of dimensioning and tolerancing a product."
- Greg Burns, Senior Design Checker

"TEC-Ease provided an excellent 3 day Fundamentals of GD&T training for our company. Jim Sykes, the instructor, was an engaging, organized, and effective teacher, and the printed training material has been a valuable reference for my daily work with drawings and GD&T. I highly recommend this training to anyone working with engineering drawings."
-C Hebert

"We began working with Tec-Ease for our GD&T training needs many years ago to re-train or upgrade our entire staff. We were immediately impressed with the quality of the course and the knowledge of the instructors, and dealing with Tec-Ease is a pleasure. Our drawing quality has drastically improved, resulting in more efficient downstream work and better part quality. I absolutely recommend Tec-Ease as a training partner and we continue to bring them in for re-currency or new-hires. "
- D. Mackie

"Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing training helped us to eliminate misinterpretation by closing loopholes associated with linear dimensioning. With some forethought, it can be applied to any assembly or component. It's a great tool when used correctly. Don Day is a premier GD&T expert who can turn anything into an interesting subject."
Jim Cusimano, Engine Cooling Truck Division, Valeo, Inc.

"Don takes what normally can be a dull and uninteresting subject and makes it interesting by his experience, examples, presentation, and by encouraging class participation."
Steven Lilly, Project Design Engineer, Dunkirk Boilers

"It's great to have someone teach the material who serves on four internationally recognized Standards Committees."
Tara Koontz, Quality Assurance Engineer, Southco, Inc.

"Don Day has a rare talent of reaching all type of learners at all levels by using multi-media, real-life experiences, and good humor. This, combined with unparalleled expertise in the subject of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, makes his seminars extremely valuable to anyone involved in mechanical design."
Vince Ross, Producibility Engineer, GE Transportation Systems

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