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Don Jasmann

Senior GD&T Professional

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Don Jasmann - Senior GD&T Professional

Don has 35+ years' experience in engineering, product development, multinational operations, manufacturing, quality, and reliability. He teaches Fundamentals of GD&T, Applications of GD&T and Print Reading.

Don is certified in GD&T at the senior level by ASME to both the 1994 and the 2009 Standards and is a certified ASQ Quality Engineer and Reliability Engineer. His specific industry experience has been with the US Navy, power plant construction, defense contractors, motorcycle assembly, and industrial HVAC&R equipment manufacturing. Don has worked as a machinist, manufacturing supervisor, quality engineer, quality manager, and engineering manager. He has background in multiple manufacturing processes including, machining, welding, fabrication, casting, plating, mechanical assembly and inspection.

Don has developed and conducted multiple training courses in GD&T and quality applications, for several companies and technical schools. His understanding of shop floor operations, engineering, and product development allows Don to effectively communicate with design, manufacturing, and quality associates.

Don is a member of the Y14.5 Support Group and regularly attends Y14.5 Committee meetings.