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John Acosta

Senior GD&T Professional

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John Acosta - Senior GD&T Professional

John Acosta has over 29 years of manufacturing experience as a CNC programmer, CAD Engineer, CMM programmer, and Quality Engineer. His knowledge of shop floor operations, from design through final inspection, gives him a unique perspective on GD&T and its application at each stage of the process. It allows him to effectively bridge the communication gap that sometimes occurs between design, manufacturing, and quality control. John has instructed Fortune 500 companies as well as small shop operations in the proper application of GD&T for over 15 years. He is certified in GD&T at the senior level by ASME to both the 1994 and the 2009 standards. He has completed phases one and two of AUKOM (Zeiss Metrology Academy), he is a regular attendee of the ASME Y14 meetings and is a member of the ASME Y14.36 committee.