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Larry Bergquist

Senior GD&T Professional

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Larry Bergquist - Senior GD&T Professional

Larry has 30+ years in Product design engineering for heavy equipment products. He pursued pre-engineering and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) at Elgin Community College (Elgin, IL) before transferring and completing a BSME at Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN). He teaches GD&T Fundamentals, Applications and Tolerance Stack-Ups. Larry also helps companies with MBD implementation.

Larry's career in industry took him around the world working on factory startups, on product development projects, and with teams in 5 of the 7 continents. Larry worked as a summer intern for Caterpillar. He started his career at Elgin Sweeper and retired in 2020 after more than 26 years with John Deere.

Robust geometric dimensioning and tolerancing based on value using industry standards has always been a focus for sustainable results with Larry. He also focused efforts on: vehicle configuration for performance and serviceability, structural design for fatigue life, value-based innovation in tribological applications, and new machine form development.

Larry had many mentors throughout his career that helped cultivate a passion for robust communication of allowable variation (tolerance) and for designing products that are less sensitive to variation. He intends to pay this assistance forward though teaching and volunteer work with standards development organizations.

Below is a list of key standards committee engagement:

ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers

• MBE (Model Based Enterprise) - Tech. Sec. (voting member)

• Y14.5.1 Math Definition - Secretary (voting member)

• H213 Harmonization Geometrical Product Specification - Chair

• H213 JAC-2 Harmonization of Specif. & Measurement - Chair

• Y14 Engineering Product Definition and Related Documentation Practices - Member

• Y14.31 Undimensioned Drawings - Member

• Y14.39 Limits and Fits - Member

• Y14.46 Product Def Additive Mfg - Member

• Y14.48 Universal Direction & Load Indicators - Member

• B89.3.1 Roundness - Contributing Member

• B46 PT 53 Surface Finish for Additive Manufacturing - Contributing Member

• Y14 SC5 Support Group Member

DMSC: Digital Metrology Standards Consortium - QIF Quality Information Framework

• Non Contact Metrology Work Group - Chair